My rates are bounded to the ones established by the Tourist Guides Association of Antioquia ASOGUIAN for the respectively year

Standard* Rates 2013 in colombian pesos**

duration duration
4h 8h day+overnight adic. hour 4h 8h day+overnight adic. hour
citytour $90.471 $115.773
$28.000 $126.659 $162.082
outside of Med
$115.773 $126.203
$162.082 $176.684
ecotourism tour$177.310 $248.234

* The end-rates are relative to variables like number of travelers, type of logistics, type of contract with the agency and others. The amount can rise or decrease.
** US$ rates are relative to the actual exchange rates. Here is a converter.

Conditions and restrictions:

- As a general rule, and due to substainability (supporting tourist local dynamics in other places), I dont execute interpretative tours in cities that are NOT Medellín or its surroundings (Guatapé, Santa Fé de Antioquía). In other places (i.e. Bogotá, Cartagena, Cocora Valley, Lost City, etc) I can work as co-guide, but it's necessary to hire a local guide. I can gladly help with this! 

- This rates apply to the following functions:
    planing of the tour
    execution of the tour
    taking pictures (the agency must provide the camera)
    hand in the schedule report and observations
  Other functions, not specified must be arranged with time.

- This price are free of taxes, travel allowances, tips, etc.